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At VMB, we leverage our smart workflow services which focus on doing things right the first time, every time, while identifying and eliminating the root cause of most billing errors and other mistakes.

98% First Pass Claim Acceptance

Our monthly first pass claim acceptance rate across all of our customers has consistently averaged 98% — 3% higher than the industry average!

Less than 10% Monthly Denials

Our monthly denial rate is less than 10% across all of our customers which is better than the industry average!

80% Electronic Submissions

Electronic submission helps us get our customers paid faster. This function helps in fixing claims-related issues/denials faster as compared to paper submissions.

Clean Submission – Claim Scrubbing

Our state-of-the-art claim scrubber has thousands of intelligently built rules. It automatically tries to fix most of the billing errors before submission.

Comprehensive Reporting

For staying on top of business we provide daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly practice analysis reports to our clients.

Fee Schedule Review / Analysis

We regularly review procedure fee plans to avoid any financial loss to our clients because of under-billing and non-payable codes.

Denial Coding Audit

Our certified coders, audit claims on a daily basis and suggests correct codes. In case of invalid coding, we notify our clients immediately.

Patient Calls

We have a dedicated team for answering patient calls.

AR Follow-Up

We have billing professionals with a specialized skill-set for AR follow-up. We make sure that the client’s AR is below MGMA standard in all buckets.

Weekly/Monthly Analysis

Our periodic reporting bundle will enable you in making more informed decisions for business improvements.

Out-of-Network Negotiations

The key to out-of-network billing is successful negotiations with insurances. We negotiate on the client’s behalf for maximum reimbursement.

Out-of-Network Appeals

With our expert appeals team, we make sure that our clients are fully reimbursed. Our appeals framework is specially designed for out-of-network and Lab providers.

Check Forwarding Request

After claim submission, we proactively send check forwarding requests to out-of-network patients so that they may send the check to the client as soon as they receive it from insurance.

Promised Money Details

We communicate with insurance companies and keep our out-of-network clients informed about promised money details!

Out-of-Network Recoup Appeals

We send recoup appeals to recover the refund amount. We have a very high success rate.

We simplify your billing, we simply work to make your life hassle-free

Medical billing is our core capability and we can professionally manage all your billing needs. Our medical billing specialists have strong experience with all key insurance payers including CMS and Medicaid.
We often have been cookery to the needs of the healthcare industry, we clearly understand the challenges faced by healthcare organizations and cater to their needs accordingly.

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Medical Billing
Out of Network Medical Billing
Medical Coding
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97.88% First Pass Claim Acceptance
Our month-to-month first pass guarantee acknowledgment rate across every one of our clients has reliably found the middle value of approximately 98% — 3% higher than the business normal!

Less than 10% Monthly Denials
Our monthly refusal (denial) rate is under 10% across every one of our clients which is superior to the business normal!

80% Electronic Submissions
Electronic accommodation helps us get our clients paid quicker. This capacity helps in fixing claims-related issues/disavowals quicker in contrast with paper entries.

Clean Submission – Claim Scrubbing
Our cutting-edge guarantee scrubber has a huge number of shrewdly fabricated principles. It naturally attempts to fix the greater part of the charging mistakes before accommodation.

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Vital Medical Billing® LLC is very much knowledgeable about Out Network Medical Billing. At AllStars Denial explicit requests are sent by the state laws to get the greatest repayment. Our present allure achievement rate is over 85%.

IONM Technical Appeals
✓ Medical Necessity Appeal.
✓ Out of Network Appeal.
✓ In-network Appeal.
✓ Additional Payments Appeal.
✓ Proposal Appeal.
✓ Technical Appeal.

IONM Professional Appeals
✓ Medical Necessity Appeal.
✓ Out of Network Appeal.
✓ In-network Appeal.
✓ Additional Payments Appeal.
✓ Proposal Appeal.
✓ Professional Appeal.

Surgeon/Assistant Appeals
✓ Medical Necessity Appeal.
✓ Out of Network Appeal.
✓ In-network Appeal.
✓ Additional Payments Appeal.
✓ Proposal Appeal.
✓ Emergent Appeal.
✓ Trauma Appeal.

Laboratory Appeals
✓ Medical Necessity Appeal.
✓ Out of Network Appeal.
✓ In-network Appeal.
✓ Referral / Authorization Appeal.
✓ Additional Payment Appeal.

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We follow a systematic and foolproof medical coding process.

Certified Medical Coders
With the assistance of our ensured clinical coding experts chipping away at your venture, your case refusal rate is essentially diminished. Our coders utilize the top-tier coding apparatuses and assets accessible in the business.

Greater Reimbursement
We perceive the significance of exactness in coding and its immediate effect on income. We center a great deal around productivity at this stage. Our coding group comprises productive, proficient coders with an encounter of something like five years.

Coding Audits
Every day, month to month, quarterly and yearly reviews is the thing that recognizes us from the rest working in a similar space. For our customers, we offer booked and on-request coding reviews with practically no expense

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VMB can deal with any forte including labs and DMEs.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
is the electronic exchange of cases’ data utilizing a normalized design; an interaction that permits to send claims data to insurance agencies electronically rather than with paper. It’s an exceptionally quick cycle to convey the cases to protections.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
For keeping steady over the business we give every day, week by week, month to month, quarterly and yearly practice investigation reports to our customers.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
EFT is a process for moving cash from one protections ledger straightforwardly to customers’ records with next to no paper cash.

We will ensure that our customers don’t miss ideal revalidation that can bring about deferred installments.

Address Change
Any adjustment of address or TIN – we will refresh with insurance agencies.

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