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    530-B Harkle Road, STE 100 Santa Fe, NM 87505

    98% First Pass Claim Acceptance

    Our monthly first pass claim acceptance rate across all of our customers has consistently averaged 98% — 3% higher than the industry average!

    Less than 10% Monthly Denials

    Our monthly denial rate is less than 10% across all of our customers which is better than the industry average!

    80% Electronic Submissions

    Electronic submission helps us get our customers paid faster. This function helps in fixing claims-related issues/denials faster as compared to paper submissions.

    Clean Submission – Claim Scrubbing

    Our state-of-the-art claim scrubber has thousands of intelligently built rules. It automatically tries to fix most of the billing errors before submission.

    Comprehensive Reporting

    For staying on top of business we provide daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly practice analysis reports to our clients.

    Fee Schedule Review / Analysis

    We regularly review procedure fee plans to avoid any financial loss to our clients because of underbilling and non-payable codes.

    Denial Coding Audit

    Our certified coders, audit claims on a daily basis and suggests correct codes. In case of invalid coding, we notify our clients immediately.

    Patient Calls

    We have a dedicated team for answering patient calls.

    AR Follow-Up

    We have billing professionals with a specialized skill-set for AR follow-up. We make sure that the client’s AR is below MGMA standard in all buckets.

    Weekly/Monthly Analysis

    Our periodic reporting bundle will enable you in making more informed decisions for business improvements.

    Out-of-Network Negotiations

    The key to out-of-network billing is successful negotiations with insurances. We negotiate on the client’s behalf for maximum reimbursement.

    Out-of-Network Appeals

    With our expert appeals team, we make sure that our clients are fully reimbursed. Our appeals framework is specially designed for out-of-network and Lab providers.

    Check Forwarding Request

    After claim submission, we proactively send check forwarding requests to out-of-network patients so that they may send the check to the client as soon as they receive it from insurance.

    Promised Money Details

    We communicate with insurance companies and keep our out-of-network clients informed about promised money details!

    Out-of-Network Recoup Appeals

    We send recoup appeals to recover the refund amount. We have a very high success rate.

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