COVID19 Updates

Vital Medical Billing® LLC has always been keen on your health. We bring you exclusive updates straight from CDC so that you can have an insight into what is going on related to COVID19. The following feeds are extracted from the Center for Disease Control website.

With all the disruptions to the nation’s healthcare system and the additional pressures put on all of us to respond to the growing pandemic causing COVID-19 infections, there is certainly more at stake than people’s safety and well-being. As the virus spreads, the nation is facing massive unemployment not seen since the Great Depression. Financial uncertainties and issues with the medical supply chain in turn make our efforts even more difficult.

You and fellow stakeholders in your medical practice are now coming to grips with the new pandemic realities. For example, you now must adjust to new billing and payment tracking updates in light of the virus. 

At the same time, you are striving to continue to provide service while the staff is pressed because of the growing lack of resources. What’s more, surprise medical billings are causing even more havoc in an already troubled medical system nationwide. 

Indeed, there is a significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on medical billing for the community to contend with.

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