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About VMB, we leverage our smart workflow which focuses on doing things right the first time, every time, while identifying and eliminating the root cause of most billing errors and other mistakes.

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Our Mission
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To further develop lives by liberating doctors’ hands for the significant work of patient consideration.

In the next two years, Vital Medical Billing® LLC will unleash its empire-building spirit to become the market-leading provider of technology-enabled solutions to the business problems faced by independent medical practices.
✅ Building a group of individuals that match our qualities and are awesome at what they do
✅ Fostering a culture and settling on choices dependent on our vision and qualities
✅ Teaching free practices with experiences about the matter of medical services

We fostered a culture of vision and reason, making a stratosphere of modernization and revelation for each colleague to embrace. Our esteems guide and develop us each spending day.

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Medical Billing Services

At VMB, Medical billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance firms in order to receive payment for services provided by a healthcare provider.

Revenue Cycle Management

Established in 2018, VMB is a competent expert in Revenue Cycle Management Services towards better cash flow, supportable services to patients, and business feasibility.

Accounts Receivable Services

Being a premium Outsourced accounts receivable company in the industry, we offer a wide range of accounts receivable outsourcing services to physicians, hospitals.

Telehealth Medical Billing

Outsourcing your practice’s telemedicine billing to Vital Medical Billing® LLC, NM is the easiest way to collect full reimbursement for the patients that you treat remotely.

Outsourced Medical Billing

Medical billing outsourcing services are no longer a novel approach. Outsourcing is now as mainstream as you can get. It generally elicits greater cost savings and outcomes.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Vital Medical Billing® LLC is working every day to add valuable reports and reporting tools such as utilization reviews, case-mix review, and medical coding services-related denial analysis.

Credentialing & Enrollment Services

For healthcare professionals the credentialing & enrollment includes their board certifications, hospital admitting privileges, education, insurance, professional references, work history, and more.

New Healthcare Practice

The rate at which large medical organizations and hospitals are acquiring small, independent practices constitutes a “tide of consolidation” that continues to threaten the private clinics & physicians.